About Us

LET'S BE IRIE was founded with a vision of spreading a message found in reggae music: positive vibrations for all. The brand's message and mission were strong from the start. Eventually that was not enough.

The mission now is simple: raise awareness, fuel a movement, and generate real meaningful funds to benefit endangered elephants in Asia and Africa. This mission has fueled our souls! We are making a concerted, diligent effort to give back as much as possible, but only with your help. If you'd like to be part of the solution, please feel free to reach out info@letsbeirie.com and join the awareness squad. LET'S BE IRIE will reward your efforts with free gear. 

Each and every purchase directly benefits the worldwide efforts to save elephants from the ivory trade. Endangered elephants need our support in Asia and Africa. LET'S BE IRIE makes ongoing donations to the World Wildlife Fund and Wildlife Conservation Society. With your awareness efforts, LBI purchases, or cash donations, we will make a big difference in saving these majestic creatures.

i·rie   (I-rie \I' -ree)
            1. nice, good, or pleasing (used as a general term of approval).
            1. used by Rastafarians as a friendly greeting.
LET'S BE IRIE is located near San Francisco, California. All LBI hats are made with love!