The Message Behind the Brand

The Message Behind the Brand

In reality, your personal "brand'" contains other brands that share the same message as you. Your personal brand helps to answer the age-old question of "Who are you?"

We identify with the brands we love. They help us express who we are.

Let's Be Irie is a statement to others about who you are. Let's Be Irie is an attitude. Let's Be Irie is a daily reminder to encourage others, appreciate your gifts, and spread a positive vibe.


Let's Be Irie customer awareness:


I like to explore the countryside, enjoy a small-town vibe, but I live in the city and hustle every day. I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face, thankful for the day to come. A cup of black coffee, some light yoga-like stretches, and a warm shower are all part of the morning routine. But routine is hardly a word that can describe my lifestyle! I'm a young entrepreneur and reggae enthusiast who has a passion for natural history and geography. I love what I do and I wear Let's Be Irie proudly almost every day.



I'm an artist, a writer, and a singer. My favorite art projects are those that involve the outdoors. My bands writes folk music and we love backpacking in Big Sur (Central Coast of California) where we write our best songs! We bring a fiddle, harmonica, washboard, and a mandolin. I love wearing my Let's Be Irie hat on the trails and at our final destination, the beach!



I'm a graphic designer in Southern California. The reggae music scene is very popular here, so I often design fliers for shows and artwork for new albums. I work with 8 awesome bands, and more are contacting me for projects! I wear Let's Be Irie at reggae concerts and with my clients at the office. It's the right message and everybody vibes with it. I can't wait for the next collection to be available!



I'm a surfer, skater, and live painter from Northern California. I can't seem to sit still, so look for me in the water or shreddin' the gnar around town. I wear hats when I'm not in the water to protect my face from UV rays, and once I found Let's Be Irie I didn't look back. Great quality hats and awesome style.


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